To Contact Us

There are two clear owners to our group of companies.

First  we remember, Holly Martin Patrick, who also shared Owner Responsibilities, and although most reached her on facebook, she always popped in regularly using screen names  BIG BAD MOMMA HOLLY and Bleachsmommy.

I,Michael Goodman aka BEASTMASTER or Beast, and Cathy my wife, own and operate all the businesses with our small collective.  I concentrate in computer repair at and can be reached 99 percent of the time online at  We utilize the chatroom as a side entrance to the computer company whos revenue fund our sites.

I am always around somewhere, and if you need me there is three ways to reach me. Please use as the email for any chat related issue and you can use for any computer repair related issues.  If you don’t wanna wait on a response to an email, you may look for me at