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Beastmasters Gaming Community

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NEED A CLAN???? Would you like a  community to come to when xbl is updating? We also have a chat site as well. You MUST BE 18+ !  We have users all around the world!

We are new to xbox live, so come on in. Lets have some fun!!!!

This is made possible by ,  where we are family and remember when you think of Beastmasters  Computer Repair you are referring to the best and most affordable computer repair services out there!

To Contact Us

There are two clear owners to our group of companies.

First  we remember, Holly Martin Patrick, who also shared Owner Responsibilities, and although most reached her on facebook, she always popped in regularly using screen names  BIG BAD MOMMA HOLLY and Bleachsmommy.

I,Michael Goodman aka BEASTMASTER or Beast, and Cathy my wife, own and operate all the businesses with our small collective.  I concentrate in computer repair at and can be reached 99 percent of the time online at  We utilize the chatroom as a side entrance to the computer company whos revenue fund our sites.

I am always around somewhere, and if you need me there is three ways to reach me. Please use as the email for any chat related issue and you can use for any computer repair related issues.  If you don’t wanna wait on a response to an email, you may look for me at

R.I.P. Holly ….you were well loved and will be missed!

Holly Martin Patrick, 51, lost her battle with TTP, a very rare Blood Disease on May 24, 2012, at approximately 11:24 am. She is survived by 3 Awesome Sons, Chad, Gary Lee, and Cory.<!> She also was blessed with two special Grandchildren who also were her world, Corbin and Zareyah. Holly was a fantastic person who was very dear to her online family as well. Between her love for those Pittsburgh Steelers and her constant love for her Harley Davidson Motorcycles…she managed time to get online and enjoy Farmville and Facebook with loads of Friends. In 2010 Holly and I decided to venture into the Chat world and she was very much an owner of these businesses. God Holly you left us so suddenly and the grief and loss is still overcoming this author. The family is stunned and prays she is finally out of pain and in a much better place.