Beasts Lair

On September 1, 2010, I  set out on a new business venture.  With a little help from some friends, I ended up scoring a newspaper too.  Why would we retain that, and what would I need with a newspaper? Well in happenstance I did end up retaining it, and my vast online family will use it to inform our growing family of people that use our system.

I want to say that this business succeeds because of the staff behind it.  A special THANK YOU goes out to my Managers AZ STEVE and Carlie, as well as not only SERVER but floor Administrators, who play key roles and have specific duties they perform. They are crucial and although sometimes very silent, all are extremely special to the owner…..personally.  Now to my moderators, and yes its been said that I like to be HEAVILY MODERATED at most times in the chat, I absolutely treasure the help and character you each bring with you.  TY <3 TO ALL!

This newspaper is a very unique paper.  It is not like the everyday newspaper you pick up at the Gas station.  It also Advertises our sites and promotes upcoming events.  Again many of the normal sections of the paper are not included in this site. 

And to update my community and followers….here I am 8 years later so much has changed. My beloved Cathy has since passed. I also lost two Server Administrators in Holly and Jessica….how they are missed.  I retain SOLE OWNERSHIP as my former coowners have been called to God.  I have had a very hard year dealing with grief….but I am back.  I do work fulltime outside my site as a cook. Day to Day operations in F2m are ran by the staff there.  I am looking for 2019 to be my breakout year. On a personal level, I have definitely grieved for my wife.  I am comfortable announcing that I am hoping I found a very special woman that I truly hope turns into something longer term and special.  Currently she is just my friend…..but I truly hope in time we can develop this and see where it goes.

Again THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


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  1. Love my F2M chatroom. full of the best people you could ever meet. they fun……. they kind………. and they are drama free…….. the owner and his wife are amazing……… love them dearly…… honored to be a part of the F2M family……… <3

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