WhackyHow can you take something that is awesome and make it better?  That’s easy enough to answer, just keep building.  And here from the heart of Beastmaster’s Computer Repair, that is what we are doing.  Besides F2m and Blazing Saddles Chat Lounge, we have introduced another chat.  We are proud to announce THE TRIBE. While F2m and Blazing Saddles are both aimed at larger population and open chatting, the newest chatsite we have added is similar but yet different.

WTC  is designed and created for a fun experience.  The Owners are constantly clowning and just having fun.  If your looking for a spot to chat with minimal drama this chat is definitely an option. The same  basic rules apply to this chat, and 18 and over is still a must!

Also on a note to staff of the businesses.  The owner has made it available to have multiple staffings on family business.  Thats right, a moderator can now moderate on more than one of the family businesses.  Ask the Owners  of each chat if interested, this decision on whether to “Mod” someone at the new locations is left to those Owners for it is not a BEAST decision to hire.